Sven Sossong

Sven Sossong
GRYPHON is a german techno label based in Saarbruecken and founded by Cengiz and Sven Sossong in January 2018. The label release music from artists and remixer like Hermann Hesse, Tiger Stripes, Vinicius Honorio, Linus Quick, George Perry, Heron, Kerstin., Benno Bengalo, Pain&Panic, Zoodiak, dBL (uk), Blind by Love, J:ORDS, David Sellers, ZAJON, Chicago Loop, Sven Sossong himself and many more. With the own label radio show or the showcases, the label offers its artists an all around music package.
Sven Sossong presents every monday on the even weeks a radio show with exclusive studiomixes and live recordings out of the clubs and festivals.
Sven send the label message out all over the world: ''We Are All One''

Other mixes by Sven Sossong

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