Ravi Lupescu

Ravi Lupescu
Born in Indonesia, raised in The Netherlands, Ravi Lupescu has always a connection with music. At the age of 16, he saw a performance of DJ Tiesto live @ Gelredome. 
Impressed of how cool it would be to stand there in front of thousands of people, Ravi decided to alter his course into a future of music. 
He started to gain his skills behind the jockey wheels when he was invited to become a member of the event organization at his school. 
This became the opportunity he was aiming for.

Once the school organized an annual prom in a club, Ravi was assigned to perform at the late time of the happening. 
About 1700 students were in the club, he forgot to realize he never had that much audience before. 
It was this moment that gave him loads of motivation: weekly performances in clubs and festivals.

Not long after, in 2007 he was invited to perform regularly in two local clubs. Within a blink of an eye, he performed almost every single weekend. 
In 2008 when his musical social network has gained, he started to collaborate with his friend Dennis (aka Dareson). Their name was combined into Houstatic few months after. 
Known as the creators of the track “American Government”, it ended up being signed on Tamrecords. 
Throughout those young years, Ravi and Dareson performed on a numerous of gigs in several clubs mainly in the city of Leiden – The Netherlands. 
Also Eindhoven, The Hague, Alkmaar and Zoetermeer. It gave Ravi and Dareson energy to see their names between Carl Cox, Dr  Kucho, Quintino, Erick-E, Hardwell, Sidney Samson, 
Gregor Salto, Chucky and many more.

After Ravi moved to Romania in early 2019, a lot changed in his life. As result, the name Ravi Lupescu is what he came up with. The name has been officially introduced in December 2019. 
The name “Ravi” is originated from India. Since India possesses incredible ancient cultures that interests him, he decided to honorably use it. 
Ravi has deep connections with Romania, Romanian culture and lifestyle. As this means a lot to him, he decided to honorably use Lupescu. 
As house music also thrives in Romania, he aims to form his clubbing scene territory in Bucharest.

Ravi always believed that House music is a force that lives through a human soul. Once you understand the deepest part of House, you will never be able to detach. 
His connection with house music has always lived within his soul. And it will always be.

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