Morgan Ravens

Morgan Ravens
Morgan Ravens, to close friends and relatives better known as Caspar. Born into a warm family the 12' of January in a Dutch place called Haarlem, and trust me it has nothing to do what so ever with the "Harlem shake" (No comment)

The passion for house music has always been there, but it released itself from his inside out around 2008, that was the beginning of where he is today. Aware that he still got a long way to go, Morgan is looking forward to everything there is yet to come. His goal is to make people feel the music as he does, He feels most at home with creating house mixtapes, however he also loves to me amazed by EDM produced by others. Now there are many ways to get inspired, but everyone has their own favourite that works best for them, for Morgan that will be surroundings, such as close to his home town former Floriade in Haarlemmermeer, where Mystery Land (Mother of Tomorrow Land) is being held since 2003.

When all the music has stopped and people gone home it becomes a peaceful natural environment with a stunning wide view and music just seems to blow into Morgan’s mind. While nature gives Morgan a lot of inspiration, there is another place on earth which gives a lot of inspiration, which is the Lipscani Area in Bucharest, Romania. The good atmosphere, the beats banging out of the clubs, makes this place for Morgan, the house capital.

Needless to say, that House Music means a lot for Morgan.

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