Monsters at Work

Monsters at Work
Monsters at Work – A duo formed by djs and producers Ricardo Koji and Renato Poletto, which more than 15 years have been disseminating the house music in its most diverse strands into the night life. Stand out the organic tones, surrounding environments and the frantic battery.

- Producers and djs based in Amsterdam.
- Deep sounds and groove enthusiasts.

Wicked Dubstation EP (Klexos Records)
Stones Cafe EP (Phew Records)
Easy Times EP (Phew Records)
Homegrown Fantasy EP (Future Scopre Recordings)
Finally EP (Big Bad Dog)
Old Is Cool EP (Big Bad Dog)
Blue Zone (Rock Sucks Records)
Pump And Dump (Phew Records)
Spectrum EP (Paunchy Cat Records)
Slice EP (Phew Records)
Two Faces EP (Electronic Fusion Records)
Talking About EP (Puzzle Heads Records)
We Have Found EP (Freitag Records)
First Voyage EP (Freitag Records)
Elephant Attack EP (The Flame Recordings)
Next Step EP (11HZ recordings)
No air in Detroit EP (GrooveBaby records)
Tv Revolution EP (Bavaria recordings)
My Dope (Anonima recordings)
Summer Love EP (Tokyo red records)
Those Eyes EP (2 side records)
Minimousse EP (Anonima recordings )
Secrets EP (Beachtown records)
Animal Behavior EP (Beachtown records)

L_cio - Hsub EP (Monsters at Work RMX - Tranzmitter records)
Marta Kokon - A tic Ep (NBG records)
New City Dealers - No Shit (Tech Groove Records)
Desconstructed - The Black Monkey (IIVII)
Alex Souza - Dub Express (Cock Pitch Records)
Bojan Popovic - Ek Chuah (Cock Pitch Records)
Arnaldo Baptista - To burn or not to burn (Dedge Records)
Chaosdelic - Sunlight (Proto Records)
2Past Time - Thinking About (Puzzle Heads Records)
Blasquez - 150 Hortencias (Puzzle Heads Records)

Tranzmitter Compilation 1 (Proto records)
From Deep House to Lounge vol 02 (Baccara records )
House e Vocal House vol 07 (Baccara records)
Best in House e vocal House 2009 (SA Trincha recordings)
Brazilian House Grooves vol 02 (Baccara records)
Deep House Files vol 01(Silverscreen recordings)
Houte Couture House Session vol 02 (Muenchen records)
Best of Disco House 2009 (Baccara records)
Chicks on deck's vol 02 (Volt9 records)
Barcelona Deep House Series vol 02 (Silverscreen records)
Brazilian House Grooves vol 03 (Baccara records)
Tranzmitter Compilation vol 02 (Tranzmitter records)
Chill, Lounge & Deep House vol 06 (Baccara records - UK)
Fashion Groove Deluxe vol 04 (Felyr records)
and more...


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Monsters at Work - PERCSET0020b - Mixed By Monsters At Work
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