Crude behind the Pioneer and coming through with no mercy whatsoever, upcoming Dutch rawstyle DJ Crudo is destined to wreck every party he attends, combining his love for mixing with a collection of obnoxious rawstyle sounds. Having only started mixing as early as of 2013, he is already a standard DJ at every hardstyle event in Zeist and has attended multiple smaller events throughout the Netherlands, quickly making a name for himself- solo, but also together with DJ Titanious with which he forms the duo The Addictz.

With his Total Domination podcast being aired at FreeMinded FM, Crudo shows no signs of slowing down, increasing his effort to spread some of the rawest sets you will ever hear. As of 2014 he has his own tracks in the making. The future lies wide open for Crudo; he has only just begun.

Other mixes by Crudo

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