Ricky P (21) , Nicky E (28) , Expect J (27) are 3 friends with a common passion Electronic Dance Music!

It all started with Nicky E and Expect J which met at school and became huge friends. They started to go to awesome partys around europe such as: I love Techno, Mysteryland, Amsterdam Dance Event, etc. which influenced their lifestyle.

Starting as bloody amateurs they started to mix different genres of edm, getting better each day and focusing only on the music.

They dont do it for the fame, but for the love towards music which we want to share with the entire world.

Mixing other tracks was not enough and they wanted to create their own tracks . One day Nicky E was surfing on soundcloud and randomly discovered Ricky P who lived in the same neighbourhood. He decided to invite him to his house to make some music together. A few weeks later, Nicky E and Expect J went to a party together where Nicky told J about Ricky. The next day, Nicky invited both to his place to drink a few beers. Soon they came up with the idea to create ADDRP.

When they're not on the decks, they are behind the screen and produce EDM. They're currently busy producing original tracks, making bootlegs and recording podcasts.

Other mixes by ADDRP

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